Devon Wine Week
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Discover our wine and local food

Different Types of Sandwiches

Sandwiches have been in existence for thousands of years. It is said that one of the Jewish elders wrapped meat from the Paschal Lamb and different types of herbs between two pieces of unleavened bread during Passover and essentially created the modern day sandwich was born.

Sandwiches can be found all over the world and you will find variations of sandwiches everywhere from India to China to France, people all over the world love sandwiches thanks to their convenience and the wide variety of fillings (healthy and unhealthy) that are available.

In Japan you will find the yakisoba sandwich which is filled with thin noodles fried in a sauce that is very similar to Worcestershire sauce. The noodles are called yakisoba and since the sandwich is a serious carbo load, you should only try this one out when you are very hungry. If you are ever in Sweden make sure you try the incredible smorgastarta which is a gorgeously presented sandwich with layers of pate, smoked salmon, cold nuts and caviar. Delicious. (more...)

Enjoy Wine Tasting as part of Devon Wine Week

Devon Wine Week is there to give a varied assortment of possibilities to learn and taste the wines that this beautiful region in the very south of Brittan offer. See how to distinguish these gorgeous wines from this area, several of them being multi prized wines. Discover more about the general area and get a chance to sample the wares seeing really just how all-around tasting and lovely they are.

Devon has quite a few vineyards many of which were planted quite recently as the popularity in good English wine has increased. Around Exeter has become an actual hive for many vineyards that you can indulge in a fabulous wine tasting week. A few of the good vineyards you could enjoy are called Yearlstone, Pebblebed, Manstree, Sharpham, Kenton, Old Walls, Willhayne and Summermoor. The vineyards around the Devon area are united to encourage the local British wines, marking out Devon as an up and coming source of good wine.

Enjoy Devon Wine Week with a wine tasting tour by GiftsExperience and select one of the many wine tasting vineyards. The week will have something different each day at the contributing retailers. A heap of special events together revealing and enjoyable are arranged for visitors pleasure. (more...)